Dealing with toxic relationships

In this week's episode we discuss how to deal with toxic relationships. We also deep dive into the ways our relationships affect our eating habits. 

What you’ll hear:

  • Why Jacey turned down the opportunity to drive a Mustang
  • Characteristics of and tips for dealing with toxic relationships
  • How our relationships affect our eating habits
  • Jacey comes out of the Ranch dressing closet

Can I quote you on that?

  • “When I am hesitant to bring up an issue or an offense, it shows that I’m afraid this relationship isn’t going to survive me being upset: and that’s not a good sign.” Maggie
  • “It's O.K. for one of us to not be O.K., and for the other person to let them not be O.K. and not try to fix it.” Jacey
  • “Jealousy is never ‘loving’." Maggie
  • “One behavior that I know can be toxic is to expect any relationship to fulfill existential-type needs, to be for you what only God can be for you." Jacey
  • “Toxic relationships can sometimes look like relationships that are complacent.” Maggie
  • “When you enter into a relationship, you’re not ‘completing’ anyone, instead your doubling any incompleteness that exists.” Maggie
  • “If you have respect for yourself and know your value as a person and your value to God, then it'll be easier for you to stand up in situations that you need to.” Jacey
  • “I was picking my meals based on what I could dip in ranch.” Jacey


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