Boost creativity and a recipe for the perfect beach day


In this episode, we'll be talking about ways to boost your creativity, and a recipe for the perfect beach day. 


What you'll hear:

  • Ideas to help you be more creative
  • The snacks, drinks, apparel and gear you need for a perfect beach day

Can I quote you on that?

  • "When it comes to improving your craft, you definitely want to be intentional in finding inspiration." Maggie
  • "We should be able to bold and strong and sensitive at the same time." Jacey
  • "I don't need to buck up. I don't need to get a thicker skin. That means things are going to hurt me more. That means I'm not going to be immune to criticism. That's a key to my creativity is well; I'm more permeable." Jacey
  • "I think Instagram can be inspiring, but it can also drain you from your own ideas because you're seeing so much of everyone else's." Jacey
  • "Live your life with an eye toward creativity." Jacey
  • "The thing I love about watermelon is that you can pick it up with your salty, beachy hands and it adds to the flavor." Maggie
  • "If you're going to have a cocktail on the beach, it needs to be uncomplicated." Maggie
  • "Never underestimate the power of a good beach day." Maggie
  • "I'm like a 60 year old woman at the beach." Jacey
  • "I think I'll be a great mom, but a terrible beach mom." Jacey
  • "Go to the beach. Make a cocktail. Have yourself a summer." Jacey


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