Around Our Thanksgiving Table

In this episode we chat all things Thanksgiving! Favorite traditions, family dynamics, and of course, FOOD! We also touch on Black Friday and what we're thankful for this year.

Thanksgiving traditions:

  • Jacey's favorite Thanksgiving pie is pumpkin. Period.
  • Maggie's family is bonkers about Thanksgiving. They even made t-shirts.
  • No turkey dinner, bottle rockets, and copious amounts of wine are all essential components.
  • Jacey's family spent her childhood Thanksgivings on the coast of California. Thanksgiving at the beach, anyone?
  • How do you deal with change in tradition?
    • Maggie's family has started going to Skyzone since they relocated their family gathering. Trampolines after Thanksgiving dinner....yikes!
    • Jacey comments on how fierce attachment to traditions can get in the way of fully experiencing the joy of the season.
    • Jacey shares stories of her first married holidays away from family (and Maggie shares her fears of those changes).

Holiday Family Dynamics:

  • We get REAL about family struggles. Why do we always seem to regress to our childhood selves over the holidays?
  • Maggie makes the point that if we go into family gatherings expecting conflict, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Takeaways: don't correct Maggie's grammar or tease Jacey about her pumpkin pie.

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods:

  • Maggie's family has a secret chocolatey alcoholic beverage called 'The Recipe.'
  • Jacey's favorite recipe involves butter, cream, cheese, and corn. Yum.
  • And another reference to the famous Harris family stack cake.
  • Joy the Baker has a great asparagus recipe - a perfect Thanksgiving side dish.
  • 3 Keys to a stress free Thanksgiving meal:
    • Ask for help (but don't micro-manage).
    • Pick a few show-stoppers, and keep the rest simple.
    • Vary your dishes so that you have some that are made ahead, some that aren't.
    • Shauna Niequist wrote a great post last week with ten tips for hosting Thanksgiving

Black Friday:

  • We're not really into it.

BUT, we are really into gifts! So, we're going to be sharing our Around the Table Gift Menu. Launching December 2nd - stay tuned for more details (there may even be some giveaways!)

Gratitude and what we're thankful for (cue cheesy music):

  • We discuss the benefits of practicing gratitude.
    • This Real Simple article offer some great points.
    • Jacey wrote a super interesting blog post about others prescribing gratitude.
    • Jacey is thankful for: her job, her husband, Mike, deep and textured friendships, and Maggie.
    • Maggie is thankful for: her health, a city like Charleston to call home, and Jacey.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and traditions? What are you thankful for?

Show notesJacey Verdicchio