All about Spring


This week, we’re celebrating the start of Spring: a time for warmer weather, new beginnings, and for some of us, terrible allergies.

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What you’ll hear:

  • Our Pi Day celebrations
  • What we do and don’t like about Spring
  • The things we hoard and give away freely
  • What produce is in season and some yummy Spring recipes
  • Our travel wish lists

Can I quote you on that?

  • “If my food is green, it better be because it came from the ground, not because there is food coloring in it.” Maggie
  • “I learned a long time ago not to let Martha Stewart speak into my life, Maggie.” Jacey
  • “I think we could all afford to live a little more simply.” Maggie
  • “I might not have my tax forms, but I will have my dental floss.” Jacey
  • “We learned from the pleated pant in the 80’s…didn’t we?” Maggie


Thoughts, questions, comments?

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