All about fall!

Photo by @jensane, from Maggie's blog
Photo by @jensane, from Maggie's blog

Join us for an episode all about fall: fashion, food, traditions...and what's overrated about the season.


What you'll hear:

  • Maggie's quick guide to fall fashion and makeup trends
  • Jacey's favorite things in her fall capsule
  • Fall trends we're NOT excited about
  • Food you can expect to see on menus this fall
  • Things Jacey would like other people to cook for her this fall
  • The definitive answer on whether or not the pumpkin spice latté is actually good
  • What we think is overrated about fall

Can I quote you on that?

  • "I'm sure everyone's noticed - the 70's are comin' back." Maggie
  • "This is a little shameful to admit, but I love candy corn." Jacey
  • "You've got to respect the pumpkin spice latté for being a pioneer." Maggie
  • "If I wanted to do surgery, I would have gone to med school. Thanks." Jacey re: carving pumpkins
  • "I don't trust a scarf that I can't find the end of." Jacey re: infinity scarves
  • "I do not want to ride a ferris wheel that has been assembled and reassembled multiple times." Maggie
  • "Halloween is grossly overrated." Jacey


And here's a little selfie, normally reserved strictly for texts to Maggie:

2015-09-14 11.40.14
2015-09-14 11.40.14

Thoughts, questions, comments?

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