On being "ready" for marriage and motherhood


The “if,” “how,” and “when” of decisions like marriage and babies can be among the most angst ridden (and joyful) of womanhood. So this week, we’re analyzing these life phase changes, and sharing our personal experience making these choices (or not).  

What you'll hear:

  • Assumptions culture makes about women, marriage and motherhood
  • Fears we've personally experienced that have contributed to our resistance to marriage and motherhood
  • Some cover ups we've used that sound holy but are actually fear based
  • What indicators point to "readiness" when it comes to marriage and motherhood


  • “Motherhood and marriage and relationships are more tied into identity for women than for men.” Jacey

  • “When I look into the future, marriage and motherhood are still ‘what if’s’ rather than ‘when’s’.” Maggie

  • "It’s problematic if you’re putting a lot of your identity into the things that you’re doing and the circumstances of your life.” Jacey

  • “We have to release other peoples’ reactions and experiences from how we feel about ourselves.” Maggie

  • “I’m gonna go buy some Advil for tomorrow’s vulnerability hangover.” Maggie

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