Seeing Green

This week, we are pulling out our wallets and addressing the sometimes-awkward conversations surrounding money.

What you’ll hear:

  • Why it is so hard to talk about money
  • Our thoughts on the right and wrong ways to talk about finances
  • A discussion of the stigmas attached to saving and splurges
  • Some of our best and worst purchases

Can I quote you on that:

  • “Yes, I do think it’s important to have honest, open, and healthy conversations about money.” Maggie
  • “In cases when you are co-mingling your money with someone, you have to be very direct.” Jacey
  • “We need to separate our own value from the value of the things that we purchase.” Maggie
  • “For our demographic, it’s more acceptable to flaunt means that have to do with experiences than products.” Jacey
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