2016: A Recap


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What you'll hear:

  • Our unexpected joys and obstacles of 2016
  • Lessons learned about identity, struggle, and emotions
  • Top RWLF's of the YEAR
  • The 2016 outfits, beauty products, trends, and memes we loved

Can I quote you on that?

  • “I don’t want to come up with the shiny silver lining if it’s not quite polished yet.” Maggie
  • “I’m learning that my timeframe is not His timeframe – which I knew, but I’m living it.” Maggie
  • “I’m learning I will always be learning.” Maggie
  • “I’ve learned the value of prioritizing people over productivity.” Jacey

Year End Benediction

May we silence the lying, lurking monsters that loom large, like shadows, in our imaginations. May we have the power to topple them, to take them captive, to declare our victory.

May we remember that darkness will not have the final word, that it is dispelled with even the tiniest burst of light. May our hearts twinkle like the lights on our Christmas trees, bubbling with hope and anticipation for what’s to come, celebrating what has been.

May we open fists that are clenched in anger or anxiety or dread and let go, aware of our emptiness and our inability to fill and fix ourselves.

And then may we raise our open hands and return once more to a God who sustains, who is with us in our weakness and our pride and our joy, that He might fill us once more.


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