Let's have some fun!

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This week, we're chatting about the importance of fun in our overworked, efficiency worshipping culture, and "fun" activities we don't actually like. Plus, our monthly Read Watch Listen Follow segment.

What you'll hear:

  • The difference between faux fun and real fun
  • Extrovert/introvert face off
  • A debate about whether there's pressure for women to be "the fun girl."
  • Fun activities we don't actually like

Can I quote you on that?

  • “No vegetable is safe from the jaws of my spiralizer." Maggie
  • "The number one reason that making room for fun is so important is that it reminds me that my value as a person is not wrapped up in what I accomplish" Jacey
  • "Spending time doing something for the pure joy of it is an exercise in accepting my own self worth, and that I'm worthy of joy." Jacey
  • "In those moments where we're not focused on whatever outside pressure might exist in the workplace, we can explore what we would want to do if we had the choice to do anything." Maggie
  • "I'm glad I finally got you in this corner to admit that the world is still set up for extroverts." Jacey
  • "I like experiences where I'm learning something and having fun at the same time." Maggie
  • "How are we friends?" Jacey, reflecting on our VERY different ideas of fun


Thoughts, questions, comments?

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