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about Jacey

I’m Jacey, a writer at, author of the ebook, Escaping Reaction; Embracing Intention, and Start Your Podcast: From Idea to First Episode, and church worker living in Charleston, SC with my husband, Mike and golden retriever (and come July, new baby!).

Partial to deep conversations, black licorice, novels and Moscow Mules.

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About Maggie

I am a chef, registered dietitian, and (now) podcast co-host who believes life is lived best when we seek beauty in the mundane moments of the day-to-day and let those moments inspire us creatively. For me, that inspiration usually manifests in the kitchen, and you can read all about it on my blog ‘The Spread.’

My bank account would tell you that I spend too much money on food, lipstick, and running shorts, and my weekend plans would tell you that I find just as much joy sitting in a deer stand as I do shopping on King Street. My last meal would probably consist of charcuterie, doughnuts, and bourbon, and my favorite thing about food is the way that it creates community.

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